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Napa Valley Visitor's Information

Hess - off the beaten path, but totally worth the drive.  The grounds are beautiful, and the modern art offers some very interesting,

V.Sattui - centrally located, great spot to enjoy wine under a canopy of trees, check out the wine cellar, and have a bite to eat.  Great spot in the middle of the day to recharge. 

Franciscan - this is a great one, also has a fantastic gift shop among the wine bar area.  The patio area is a perfect spot to sit outside on a nice sunny afternoon. 

Beringer - I'm pretty sure heaven is like sitting outside on the porch of the reserve room with a bottle of Cab Franc.  Beringer is one of our favorites, the atmosphere, the grounds, the way the original house (now the reserve tasting room) was preserved would make Bob Vila so proud.  Dogs are welcome on the grounds just not inside any building.  This winery also has a nice little deli area.

Sequioa Grove - I have a secret to tell you...We've actually never been here. We just really like their wine.  A lot. Next time we are in Napa, we will be sure to go...and then I'll let you know how fantastic it is.

Paraduxx - If I could build a house, I am pretty sure it would look just like the Paraduxx winery.   Their backyard is a wonderland of trees, lounge chairs, and beautiful flowers.  Plus, if you know me, they serve a cheese plate here - HELLO! Great wine AND cheese! This one is a winner!  Paraduxx is also a great place to learn about wine.  They served 3 wines - all the exact same type, just different harvest years and you learn about what the weather was like that year and how that affects the taste of the wine.  This is where we learned that we love 2005 and 2007 wines. 

Duckhorn - Another secret - never been here either, however the wines are fantastic. We will be sure to go next time.  Duckhorn is part of the same family as Paraduxx. 

Silver Oak - Our go - to stop each and every time we are in Napa County.  The Cabs at Silver Oak (which is the only varietal that they do) are so incredible that you must go.  Really.  Must.  Go.  The setting is gorgeous and they allow dogs on the patio area.

Stag's Leap - Just when I think you can't possibly find a better bottle of wine than Silver Oak, we drive down the street to Stag's Leap and I am blown away.  The tasting room is small and cozy, but on busy days they also open up a bar outside to enjoy tastings on the grounds as well.  Be sure to try the SLV and Fay.  Two of our favorites.

Castello di Amorosa - We originally went to Castello because Jake the Bachelor took Gia and Vienna there...luckily for us, we are big fans of the Bachelor...even more lucky is that Castello has become one of our all time favorite wineries.  This is the only winery we have become a member of, which says something, because we love our wine.  The people, the wines (especially the Sangiovese, Merlot, Il Brigante, and Il Barone) are fantastic.  This winery is also completely dog friendly. Barkley loves the Reserve tasting room as much as us.  Also on the grounds are chickens, sheep, a peacock or two, and loads of frogs croaking in the moat.

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