Saturday, February 7, 2009

Step one: Be smarter than the blog...

Hi. So after a bit of a hiatus away from the computer due to Mike's trip to Las Vegas, I am back online and although there are no pictures yet...(that will come later today hopefully) I do believe I've fixed the comment problem, or so I think. So leave a comment and test it out and hopefully it'll work now!

Other than that, this week's accomplishments have included figuring out the BART, watching several seasons of Friends start to finish and many many Reese Witherspoon movies (no cable TV will do that to a girl), and organize slowly but surely the apartment. I've also figured out that I need to be quite precise with what groceries to buy when I'm walking to and from the grocery store as it turns out a pound of raw chicken can get heavy after a while!

Our apartment complex is extremely dog friendly (Yea!), with dogs much larger than what seems to be the 25 lbs. and under category. They make quite a bit of noise as you are walking up the stairs but luckily once in the apartment you can't hear them at all.

Currently, while Mike is working at an event, I'm camped out in the corner of a Barnes and Noble in Stockton ~ about an hour's drive inland. The people watching is quite interesting in this town, that's for sure!

Stay tuned later tonight for pictures, messy apartment pictures, so nothing special but pictures none the least!

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