Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Holy Bananas, It's Wednesday already?

you know what that means...Wednesday's Wine Pick! Sweet! The days simply blend one into the next when you aren't waiting for the weekend, although this weekend will be super fun with Mike's birthday on Saturday! woo-hoo! Not sure what we will do but it'll be something! But I digress, this is about the wine.

[4 stars]
anyways, onto Wine for Wednesday... This is actually the $5 wine that we've had multiple bottles of because a: it's good, b: we are on a strict rent, mortgage, food diet (luckily wine is located in the grocery store so it counts as food. This one for being such a bargain, doesn't taste like a bargain. It is really honestly, THAT good! I'm a big fan. Because I was an eager beaver the first time that we had this to get it into the wine journal that I had to take a picture of the label actually in the wine journal. Anyways, since we like the price, the taste and the fact that we've bought it multiple times, it's definitely a keeper.
So while we're sort of on the topic - the wine journal is also really fun. We don't really use it for its original purpose, mainly because we aren't snobby wine drinkers, we just plain like it and like to remember when we tried it, what the occasion was, that sort of thing. In essence the wine journal is our little handy wine scrap book. It's pretty fun to look back and see what we've said about wines we've had as well as looking at the labels (you know i'm a sucker for a cute label).

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