Thursday, April 30, 2009

numero dos: Mondavi

[a dining room turned tasting room]
[inside the Mondavi compound looking back at the entrance]

[i used to label corn like this....only it didn't look so cool]

[the vines]

[st. francis at the entrance - this st. francis however, doesn't share the same likeness as my 4th grade halloween costume...yes that's right I was St. Francis. I'm so cool, my mom pinned my stuffed animals onto my sleeves. ]
We were attempting to go to Stag's Leap next and we never found it, instead we hit the jackpot of all jackpot highways on the way to St. Helena. (And just in case you visit St. Helena and don't want to sound like an outsider, it's pronounced St. he LEE na, not helena, like we said all day.) This highway had more well known vineyards on it than I've ever seen. It was great. Mondavi was the first one we came to. We walked around the grounds but did not do any wine tasting. Partly we needed lunch, but partly, although beautiful, it seemed a bit too commercial - a big box store - type of vineyard. I do love my big box stores, don't get me wrong, however, not in the case of a vineyard. I like them quaint and charming.
This highway to St. Helena is truly a fabulous road to take. St. Helena is a great little town and every vineyard on the road looks amazing. We ate lunch in St. Helena at a cute little Italian spot that was good. Anything may have been tasty by 2:30 and in terrible need of ice water, but it was a good spot, whatever it's name was.
The Mondavi family is very interesting to me. A book on my list to read is the House of Mondavi, since i would like to learn more about the fathers of Napa. I don't know much about them now, but once I get done with book 3 and 4 of the Twilight series, I'll be sure to fill you in.

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