Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a store that makes me happy

I found a new favorite store. I have yet to buy a single article of clothing but I love the stuff and I could just walk through the store everyday admiring their Cotton/Lycra blends and be the happiest girl on earth.

This store is Lulumon Athletica. There's a mothership of a store on a street that I walked past recently on my way to the entrance of Chinatown in SF, but forgive me...I only know BART stops, not streets, so I have no idea what street it was on. I was won over at their Walnut Creek location but now that I've been in one, I've noticed Lulumon stores coming out of the woodwork. Lulumon athletica has all sorts of yoga, running and relaxing kind of clothes for both men and women. There are more yoga pants there than one could ever need. one word. heaven.

Lulumon also has free yoga classes and running clubs. I have yet to check those out, step one, become fully clothed in Lulumon gear. step two, join their clubs. There's a process people.

And by the way...this cute little store front pictured above is located in Cow Hollow [photo credit], which I found on site

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