Saturday, September 12, 2009

keeping busy on the farm

Mike's grandparents live on a farm. They have llamas, emus, swans, and horses, with all that, I thought was already enough to make it a cool spot to visit. Until now. They have a new little project - on top of taking care of the corn, soybeans and animals - they have a little building project in their woods. It is a wonderful log cabin. A cabin built with the help of many people, both in labor and in materials to make this cabin in the woods a warming house for snowmobilers passing by and a place to hang out when there is no snow. The cabin is complete with a wood burning stove, Anderson windows and soon will have solar panels to power the electricity.

Seriously, this place rocks.

[rail road ties used for steps]

[wood burning stove & Mike]

[picture window]

[front porch complete with daisy garland]

[the cabin]

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