Monday, November 23, 2009

adult juice boxes

side note: how much do you love Target's wrapping paper department? I just picked up this Oh Oh Oh wrapping. Oh how i love palindromes!

When we moved to California, there were a few things that we were surprised about:
1. You can buy a car on a Sunday. We didn't. We bought our car on a Tuesday. But the idea is, you can! I apologize for all those car salesmen for not having your day of rest to accommodate our need to buy a car 7 days a week.
2. We live in the land of mountain lions, rattle snakes and tarantulas. Yuck. Gross. I don't want to think about this one anymore.
3. Target sells wine! I know! Crazy, huh?

So, ever since I learned about surprise #3, I have been dying to test out the wine cubes. It took months to actually try it because contrary to my need to try box wine, Mike wasn't all that interested in it. The wine cubes come in Charonnay, Merlot, Shiraz/Cab - or how I remember it: a yellow cube (Chardonnay), a purple cube (Merlot) and the red cube (Shiraz/Cab). There may be more colors but I can't remember right now. The cubes also come in 3 different sizes: 4 bottles, 2 bottles, and 4 individual servings, or as I like to call it the adult juice box.

The packaging boasts being environmentally friendly. This is great, however glass can be recycled as well, so I'm not sure that's a strong enough selling point for me. The wine still needs to be good, unfortunately the adult juice box tastes just like adult juice box. It tastes like grape juice with a hint of tang. I do like the novelty aspect; it is kind of cool to grab the single serving. (Now where did I put that straw that I have been saving from that Capri Sun I had 3 years ago?) It makes me feel like I need to go on a picnic. It would be ideal for that scenario. Now I just need to find my husband and the picnic basket and away we go. They are both around here somewhere!

So I would have to say that this is probably be a 2 star wine. It's OK, however not something that I'll likely buy again for a normal wine to have at home on a weeknight while I watch HGTV. (Which is EXACTLY what I'm doing right now!) I am very happy that I finally tried the wine, and I will no longer need to be that crazy lady that walks slowly past the wine aisle. But I do still think it's cool that Target has that aisle...and did I mention that Target also has garden centers? But that's for another day.

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