Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beringer, St. Helena

Beringer Vineyard left a bad taste in our mouth the last time we visited last May.  The 105 degree heat, the fact that we needed lunch terribly bad and the poor service didn't help. 

This time however, the weather was perfect, we had chex mix in the car and the service was fantastic.  Definitely a great time.  Beringer has both the regular tasting room and the reserve room, however both times we've visited, we've gone to the reserve room.  Partly because the regular tasting room is a ZOO and the reserve room is in the beautifully restored home and because you know us - we like to pay more for the tasting and get the good stuff. 

Next time we visit, I'll have to wander around and take pictures of the Beringer home.  Bob Vila would be so proud.  The way they restored this home is amazing.  The word impressive is an understatement, they found an original stencil in the attic and used it to paint a border in the tasting room. 

Or so I'm told.  I'm a bit gullible.

Side note: During my spring break to Florida in 3rd grade we drove past a parking lot with a few police cars and my sister told me it must have been a drug bust - so I wrote back to my 3rd grade class that I just witnessed a drug bust. (True story...and yes, pretty sure that was NOT a drug bust...although I'm still just as gullible so I'm sure if my big sister were to confirm it, I'd still believe it.)

The wine was impressive too.  We scored again with the girl that was pouring our wine because we proved that we enjoy a good Cab and she poured us a few extras.  One of those was the St. Helena (pronounced He-leen-a just in case you want to act like a local) 2006 Cab.  This Cab was wonderful.  We actually decided that rather than putting our first unborn child through private school (just kidding, it isn't THAT expensive) we'd buy a bottle to take home.  It was delish. We'll let you know when we actually open it.  It might be in 7 years, so stay tuned. 

Beringer is one of those wineries that makes me absolutely adore Napa. I adore Sonoma too, but there's a history to Napa, and we like history.  Beringer is located next to the Culinary Institute which is another exquisite building you should take a gander at if you are in the area.  And while I'm at it, St. Helena is a cute little town full of boutiques, restaurants and wineries in every direction.

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