Friday, April 23, 2010


Sterling Vineyards has a gondola.

Hello, a Gondola!

Doesn't that seem totally cool? Well the Gondola is cool but they trick you...your wine tasting involves the ticket to get up to the actually winery, which means you can't share your tasting with your husband, which means that Gondala ride just cost you $50 for you and your husband.  Still, the view is worth it. The service and the wine, unfortunately, so not worth it.  Good thing they have a view...and a gondola. That's my kind of ride.

Sterling seems to seem like a ride at Disneyland.  Once you get off the gondola you walk through the winery on a set path to taste 4 wines...(don't pay for the reserve wine tasting - it's $5 extra dollars and you don't get a special ticket or anything.  We unfortunately paid for the 5th tasting of the special reserve wine, although everyone and their brother around us walked up, stuck out their glass and got the 5th "special' pour.  The special pour wasn't anything fantastic, so I'd suggest you save your dinero, but you do get to keep your wine glass, so that's a plus.)  Below, you'll see some gigantic barrels of wine, a glass of Pinot, and then Mike and I at mid-point of the tour where you get to sit outside, enjoy a Cab, the sun and the view.

But, you see this view? Totally worth any amount of money they will swindle from you before you jump on a gondola. 

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