Friday, July 16, 2010


So many things come to mind when I see the number 30.

30: days in September, April, June and November.
30: Nolan Ryan's baseball jersey number on the Angels. (Yes, I had to look that one up.)
30: Number of edges in a dodecahedron.

...and today, I am so excited to turn 30.  I love my birthday and this one seems so very special.  Stay tuned for pictures of our day in wine country.  I'll be making the most out of my new birthday gift from Mike - Nikon Digital SLR.  Yahoo!


Kerri said...

I'm SO excited about your new camera! I'm going to tell Conor about it tonight at dinner so that maybe when I turn 30, I'll get one :)

Kerri said...

P.S. Have a great birthday!!!