Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bay area bucket list

When we first moved to the Bay Area, we developed a bucket list of sorts of all the things we wanted to do while we were living here (pardon me for just defining the term bucket list for you, but I just wanted to be sure, you know just in case you hadn't seen Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman define it for you).  And then, every time Mike's job was hanging on by a thread, we made that mental list again.  Oddly enough we have yet to write a list down, which would be a really good idea because when we want to go do something, we can't seem to think of a single thing that is on that list.  But that's beside the point. We recently crossed one item off our mental list when we went to Jack London Square on the waterfront in Oakland. 

Jack London Square is neat. Check that, Jack London Square will be neat in about 15 years, currently there is a ferry landing, a few restaurants and a lot of empty storefronts.  A lot.  We enjoyed checking out and checking it off the bucket list, however we aren't likely to head back to the square anytime soon.  [On a side note, can you get over the blue, blue sky?  Maybe it's because you aren't that likely to get such a clear day on the bay, but I could stare at the blue sky in these pictures all the live long day.] 

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