Friday, October 8, 2010

destination: Occidental

Do you like Where's Waldo? I do. Maybe it's because my 7th grade band uniform was the same rugby shirt that Waldo wears, or maybe it's because I like the thrill of finally finding that little man with the glasses and red and white striped hat, or maybe it's because sometimes my 2 imaginary friends, Tala and Tutu, didn't play with me and I needed to do something on my own.  By the way, my imaginary friends moved away one day - to Hawaii.  True story. We have yet to go to Hawaii, that too, is on our West Coast bucket list.  I think I'll have to look up Tala and Tutu on that day that I arrive in Hawaii. I wonder what they are up to these days? 

Pardon me, I was side tracked. 
I sure hope Tala and Tutu read my blog. 

Ok, so now you are probably wondering what on earth this has anything to do with Occidental, California.  It doesn't really.  It's just that Occidental is in a part of Sonoma County that you aren't likely to visit when you are in wine country and you have to pay VERY close attention so as to not overlook this small town with glasses and a red and white striped shirt. 

So, last weekend as part of our wedding anniversary extravaganza, we went to Occidental.  (We really live it up, I know!)  Mike had an event, while Barkley and I went for a walk throughout their downtown.  Our walk really just turned into pacing up and down the one block's worth of town, but that's beside the point.  I had my camera in hand and Barkley had plenty of sticks.  We are simple people (you must now be slowly understanding why I had 2 imaginary friends, no?).

I must come clean to you - there were a few more places that were in Occidental's downtown, but I figured if you've seen one fire station/post office - you've seen them all.


Kerri said...

I love the pic of Barkley!! Nice work!

Amy R. said...

I think this place looks charming. I love this doggie! Glad you visited my blog. It's great to have a new blog friend:) Have a great weekend!

Amy R.