Friday, October 29, 2010

wine: Hey Mambo

Pardon the delay in this week's feature wine.  It's the Giants' fault.  Please don't blame them.  They've been scoring machines, it's my fault really, I've been glued to the television. 

And we're back to the wine (...OK, one more shout out to the orange and black - two wins in two games - Heck ya! Fear that beard!)

OK, we're really back to the wine. Really, I promise. So the other day when I was in the wine aisle at the grocery store, I was on a mission to find more blends - because if there's one thing we keep learning from this blog is that this girl loves when wine is blended. (It's like chemistry only better and this science can actually be consumed, I wouldn't suggest drinking out of a beaker in a chemistry lab. I burned my arm once with sulfuric acid...I had to google what to do in order to get it off my skin...turns out soap and water does the trick.  True story.) 

So, while I was looking for some red wine, I found this secret aisle.  You know on Harry Potter when he has to go to through the wall to get to the train?  Yep, it was like that - a super secret aisle - conveniently named "Aisle 3".  Turns out aisle 3 opens a whole new world that I'm not sure why I hadn't explored. I think it's because it houses that Pinots, which I typically stay away from.  But now that I've found this fancy aisle named three, I have a wine frig stocked full of blends.  (and yes, I realize that this paragraph is in black type, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get to back to the normal type that shows up on both the blog and google reader...but, you are just going to have to go with it people or this post might not show up until the Giants are in game 4)...(are you now understanding why I sat 2 feet away from the tv screen last Saturday night watching the last outs of the Giants game before they won the NLCS? I'm a bit nutso about October's OK though since Mike is too and we understand we are crazy.)

You know what's also cool about this wine?  Other than the price (in $5 and under category) and the taste (4 stars), there's a story on the back of the bottle along with a simple yet eye catching label is the fact that when you see the name of this wine, you start to sing Rosemary Clooney's Mambo Italiano song.  And with that, enjoy the song and go get yourself a bottle of this wine. It's such a deal and you'll be singing down your super secret aisle of the grocery store (or the liquor store if you live in Minnesota.)

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