Friday, November 5, 2010


Rarely does customer service surprise me in a good way. You see, we recently ordered our Christmas cards from Tiny Prints however they came to us with a misspelling (my name didn't have the VERY important capital E at the end!)  My name has strange capitalization; you can understand that the proof reader would correct the name on the Christmas card to make sure that the capitalization is only at the beginning of the name.  So I called Tiny Prints on Monday and they apologized for the situation. Then they had the new cards made and sent to me by Wednesday morning.  And I thought this was impressive!  But then my socks were knocked off today when I got the mail and I found a hand written Thank you card from the customer service representative that took my call on Monday.  Seriously! This company rocks! (And they have no idea that I have a blog and could influence tens of people via the Internet.)

p.s. The Christmas cards are super cool too.  I had such a hard time deciding which card to go with because I loved them all.

Just in case you need to make your Christmas, Holiday, New Years, etc., cards check them out here: Tiny Prints

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