Friday, November 12, 2010


[hey look, it's a pair of ducks...or a paraduxx.]

[no wait, this is Paraduxx]

The wine guy at Andretti recommended that we go to Paraduxx. I'd like to go back and give that guy at Andretti a high five.  I must admit that it might not have been on our short list of places to go, however it will be now.  Paraduxx does a wine and cheese pairing no matter which type of tasting that you do. 

Who doesn't love that? 

This winery gives you directions on how to do your wine tasting.  Wines number 1,2,3 (going from left to right) are all the same wine just different years.  2005 was a bountiful year full of rain, so you can really taste the fruitiness.  2006 and 2007 weren't so bountiful, but they were good - the 2007 especially. Pardon me but I have no idea what wine number 4 was anymore.  It was good, but it wasn't part of the tasting instructions, so I can't remember what it was. I pay attention to directions. 

Step 1: Try all 4 wines without eating any cheese.
Step 2: Try the wines and eat the cheese.
Step 3: Try wine numero tres with the orange cheese.
Step 3a: Slightly chew the orange cheese.
Step 3b: Take a sip of the 07 wine with the cheese slightly chewed and then swallow both.
Step 4: Don't choke.

The difference in the 07 wine with and without the cheese is astounding.  Seriously. I have no idea what this cheese was, but it was magic.

This winery really was a fun place.  The patio outside had enough room for the entire town to chill out on a comfy outdoor couch (well not the same couch, but rather multiple couches).  I loved it, although it was quite chilly outside so we went spent our time tasting inside. 

the end.

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Amy R. said...

I love tasting wine with different foods to bring out the flavors. Really cool and I am glad you did not choke:)

Amy R.