Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We went to Peju mainly because they were still open and we thought we'd try it on the way out of town. Let that be a lesson - don't simply try a winery based on their hours of operation.  We had a pretty horrible experience.  It wasn't like a normal winery where you find a spot at a bar and start your tasting. No, no, no.  After telling the girl when we arrived how many people we in our party, we were told to shop and would be ushered upstairs when they were ready for us.  A few minutes passed and we were brought upstairs to a man that had clearly memorized a wine script and there was no straying from that. (awkward jokes were included in said script).  And to make matters worse, when ushered upstairs, we had to endure our tasting with two drunk girls that could not have been more annoying.  But enough on that.  On the bright side, they did have a pretty good selection of wine related goods for sale (see soap below), and the second floor tasting room offered a lovely view of the vines and a really really big barrel.
Dear Napa Soap Company: You have the best soap names.  I want to work for you. 
This picture is taken from the second floor tasting room - hence the really really big barrel. 

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Claire Kiefer said...

Just found your blog from the blogger location list (via Slumber Designs) and I live in the East Bay too! Was up in Napa recently and drove by Peju but didn't stop in. Had a great experience at Sequoia Grove, though! They wouldn't let us into Cakebread cause we didn't have an appointment . . . geez. ;)