Sunday, November 7, 2010

stag's leap

You know what the BEST thing is about living in Northern California?  It's going to Napa or Sonoma for the day.  And you know what the BEST thing about this October was? We were in Napa or Sonoma 3 out of 4 weekends. Life is good.  We love it there.  And now you know why you are going to like me in November?  Because I'm going to actually blog about all those weekends in October at the wineries.  Yahoo for wine!

Welcome to Stag's Leap.  We love their wine but because there are 80 bgillion (or so it seems) wineries in Northern California, we had never been to their winery.  Well things have changed, my friend.  Boy did we enjoy this place.  We were told by the guy doing our wine tasting that there are some wineries where you go for the wine and there are some wineries that you go for the estate.  Stag's Leap is definitely a place to go for some really great wine, but that's not to say that the estate was shabby by any means. It was simple and a homey - so very comfortable.  The employees were all super nice, chatty and willing to pour a few extra tastes of our favorite wines.  We never felt rushed and absolutely loved the wine tasting, the people and the company we kept ~ thanks Andrea & Ryan!
 Wouldn't it be great to have this in your cellar of your home? Yes, I said cellar.  Some day, my friends, some day. 
Stag's Leap is known for its Cabernets.  We did the tasting that involved 3 of their finest cabs.  We really enjoyed the FAY and the Cask 23.  While the SLV was also extremely good, it was a bit dryer than the other two and when trying all three at one sitting, you can be picky about your wines.
Notice the multiple signs on this stairway...they really are serious that you really shouldn't go up there.  Which makes me say to myself, "what do they keep up there?" So let's do some guessing:
1. squirrels riding unicycles
2. a pool full of wine
3. floaties and snorkel equipment for playing in that said pool o' wine.

Just kidding, I don't know what is up there...and squirrels can't ride unicycles.

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