Saturday, December 18, 2010

Joy To The World

Pardon me, but I love Christmas.  Even without the snow that Minneapolis is enjoying (OK, not the folks at the metrodome, but the kids that get to make snow forts, complete with snow couches, snow kitchens and snow toilets) I'm still enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit.  I could listen to Christmas carols all the live long day - and I do! It isn't until I start decorating for Christmas that I realize, we have no shelves!  Eleven of the twelve months out of the year, I'm a minimalist. I don't like crap sitting out.  But then December rolls around and I'm like, "We NEED shelves! We need more tables to set things about! We need a refill on our glass of wine!"
no, really I seriously need a refill..
[This is one of Barkley's favorite ornaments to "ding" in the morning.  And by ding, I mean that she crawls commando underneath the tree to get to the very sunniest piece of real estate our family room has to offer.]
 [our Dickens village, which could still be considered an unincorporated village as it was just established in 2009.  But we are growing just like those crazy towns in the valley were just a few years back.]
[On Dancer! On Prancer! On Vixen!] 
[Sorry other reindeer, Crate and Barrel decided we only needed three of you this year.]
[my dresser, because your dresser needs some Christmas-ing up as well!]

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