Wednesday, December 22, 2010

wine: I call this one Hans...

So, I bought this wine during a recent jaunt to the local wine store.  I went to the wine store after sitting in traffic at 5:00 pm and hungry, so I was hoping that I could run in, grab a few good bottles of wine and head home.  As it turns out, my picks were pretty poor.  (Mental note to self:  take your time in the wine store so that you don't only pick a wine because of the label that makes you think of Star Wars...)  So, this wine was drinkable, however it won't a repeat buyer.  I'm pretty sure Hans Zolo's middle name is vanilla with a capital V.A.N.I.L.L.A.  (yep, all caps), because it's THAT vanilla.  I'd say this is a wine worthy of 2.47 stars. 

the end.
Let the force be with you. 

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