Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wine: plungerhead and a fancy contraption

I'd like to thank the man, woman or child that came up with the Rabbit Aerating Pourer.  It is the fanciest, most impressive addition to a cheap bottle of wine.  I will use you always and forever.  You win the best invention known to man award of anything ever been invented. 
OK, so the automobile, telephone and a few other things also deserve high praise.
We received the aerator as a gift and had heard high praises about what an aerator can do from the fine folks that sent us our very own device, but had no idea about its capabilities.  Seriously, you all need an aerator.  But, not you, mom and dad, I asked Santa to bring one down your chimney. We have the decanter that collects dust and we never use.

We also learned that if you keep your decanter in your basement, it could also be a very good ecosystem for developing the world's largest black hairy spider. Yep, that good ol' spider wouldn't leave our decanter.  Now we don't have a basement...phew. And now, back to the wine.

So, we got the Rabbit Aerator in the mail one day and proceeded to go buy a bottle of Plungerhead wine from Safeway ($12.99 with your Safeway discount card).  (We also proceeded to buy a frozen pizza to complete our dinner - a real high class Italian meal...I know.) Plungerhead wins the award for the best series of labels. With a name like Plungerhead, I think the possibilities are endless for fun labels, but every time I see a bottle of Plungerhead, I giggle. I love that stuff.  OK, so we read the directions on the aerator. In essence, they said:

1. stick aerator in bottle.
2. pour.
the end.

As you can see, the directions are pretty straight forward.  We were able to excel at those directions from the get-go.  After the directions, it suggests that you do a side-by-side taste test of a glass of wine with and without the Rabbit Aerator. 
HOLY HANNAH!!! The difference was ASTOUNDING!
I kid you not.
You know I don't joke about wine.

The difference was amazing.  It was like you had two different bottles of wine that you were testing. One that came out of a box (yes, I said a box o' wine) for $7/gallon and the other (with the aerator) that was like you were tasting a bottle of wine that you had just purchased for $50.  I have in no way been paid by the Rabbit Aerator company or any aerator as I'm sure they all make cheap wines taste fancy. 

[2.3 stars]
I like Plungerhead quite a bit, although the vanilla taste is very prominent, so if you don't like vanilla notes in your wine (i.e. my husband) you probably won't like this wine much. This is a wine that we get once every couple months because at $12.99, it's relatively expensive weeknight wine option when the most desireable part of the bottle is the label, but it's still a good one when you need to switch it up a bit.

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