Thursday, January 13, 2011

resolution run a muck

I started out 2011 ready to conquer my New Years resolutions.  Among the typical resolutions:
1. Work out more regularly: 13 days, and I've worked out once...hmmm, whoops.
2. Organize the apartment: We'll get to that.
3. Try a new recipe each week: Finally, a resolution that I've been successful with and I think I can keep it up! I'll share the good ones (and spare you from the bad, because I like you and you look at pictures of my dog - see below)  as the year goes by.

Now, back to resolution numero dos: Our camera cords never had a home of their own so I put the camera cords in a new spot.  I knew I put it someplace "smart" but as it turns out, it's taken me 13 days to find the cords again.  Now that I have found the cords and put them in a really smart place this time (one that I'll actually remember where it is and is within easy access) it's time to start blogging again. 

And who doesn't want to see a few more pictures of Barkley?  (Ok. Ok.  Probably most of you...however after being away from her for nearly 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years, I've been taking boat loads of pictures of her since she's been back from the kennel, so this is your time to either move on to the next blog you read, or humor me and check out my dog.)
Barkley thanks you immensely.

I'm pretty sure that she's telling me in this one ....
Hey Lady! Stop taking pictures of me and play with me and my stuffed puppy dog!

1 comment:

Terri said...

I never make the "work out regularly" resolution, because I can't make it through the first week without breaking it. I blame the Minnesota winters!


PS Barkly is adorable!!!