Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oscars, Turkeys & Running Shoes: three completely related topics, just wait and see

Just in case you are wondering, I have completely failed in picking the big winners in tonight's Oscars.  The good news is that I've picked just enough to beat Mike in our annual Oscar ballot pool. (Yes, it's a pool - with only two people, a really really fun pool.)

Also in case you were wondering, I used to not particularly like Anne Hathaway, but between Princess Diaries and tonight's performance - I'm a convert.  I dig her.

AND...just in case you were also wondering, I got some new shoes today - I really dig those too. And because this post needs a picture, I'm going to show you what I got...

And just in case you are wondering... I'll be using my new running shoes to dodge these little buggers -

They. Are. EVERYWHERE in our neck of the woods! I have a love-hate relationship with after having worked at a turkey farm, but that's for another day. I started talking about the Oscars after all, I can't have too many tangents. So let's get back to what we were originally talking about - The Oscars.  Kirk Douglas was my favorite presenter; he stole the show in my book.  Well, Kirk...and a few acceptance speeches.

...just as director Tom Hooper just stated in his acceptance speech...the moral of the story is listen to your mother.  (I won't state what Melissa Leo said during her acceptance speech, because I listened to my mother and don't say those sorts of words.

Good night!

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Maureen said...

AnnE, I just bought the 2150 version of those shoes yesterday! :) Running Room in Uptown clearance sale!