Friday, February 25, 2011

two hundred and three

where has the time gone? really meaning...why wasn't I paying attention to celebrate post numero 200 with a big high five, Holy Cmoly, I've babbled 200 times!?! So, in honor of post number 203, way to go! Yahoo! Thank YOU for checking my blog and reading about my recent wine bottle or a trip to wine country, or another Barkley post (or just still remembering to check in every so often as I haven't been very diligent about posting lately.  Sorry about that. I'll get better. I promise.)

We've lived in California for two years. We've been in our apartment that entire time (mainly because we have no desire to pack and move.) But it's a good spot, it's convenient and Barkley enjoys hanging out on the deck. 

But, when you live and work in the exact same 1000 square feet, sometimes you (ok, me) go beserk.  One could say a bit stir crazy. So things needed to be shaken up in the apartment to make it home-y.  Oddly enough a growing puppy (she finally fit into the extremely large crate that we bought her when she was 3 lbs.) and a new television prompted such a shake up.  So I thought what better time to take a gander around our apartment.  Happy post #203 to you!

 [our new tv may have the HGTV logo branded into the bottom of the screen...we could watch House Hunters 'til the cows come home]
 [do you see our lovely side window by the couch? (the only window in the picture...of course you see it), a piece of paper could stop more wind that that "window"... we love living on an end unit, however, the windows leave a bit to be desired during this cold spell we are experiencing]
 [where knitting projects go to die...
the cream scarf is my first knitting project ever attempted, and it's still on the needles
the basket is made by my mom - isn't she so crafty?]
[my sonicare electric toothbrush recently died after 7 trusty years, so until I get a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon in the mail, I'm embracing the old school toothbrush being housed in our creamer.]

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Kerri said...

Hi AnnE! I really liked seeing your living room. It's so neat and clean and cute! Did you know that BB&B coupons never expire? They'll take them even if the expiration date on the coupon is passed. Just learned that this year. Also, 14.99 counts as 15 dollars - I learned that recently as well.