Saturday, April 9, 2011


Every so often, Mike and I need a fix of campus life.  Few things are better in life than sitting on the grass in the middle of a college campus watching the world go by.  Since Cal's campus is in our backyard, we get a weekly fix of the liberals, but on occasion, we'll take a drive to go hang with those smart republicans on the peninsula (i.e. Stanford).  On this recent visit, we witnessed a few bridal parties and the most awful quinceanera photo shoot ever.  (I couldn't bear to take a photo, but let me paint a picture for you - think in your mind that the wicked witch ate the entire emerald city and then she threw it up and out popped 12,000 yards of seafoam tulle in the form of a dress fit for a 15 year old birthday girl.) 

If you are headed to Stanford, you should be sure to go up to the top of the Hoover tower.  It's a fantastic view.  (Dogs are not allowed on account that the professors frown upon that...however, we were not aware of that on the elevator ride up so Barkley may or may not have enjoyed the view from the top.) 

When we go to Stanford, we also make sure to spend some time at the Stanford Mall - just a hop, skip and a jump away.  It has nothing to do with the actual school, but it's one of our favorite malls (and we like malls...we come from the land of the world's largest monster mall, for goodness sake.) 

PS - the Stanford mall loves dogs.  If you (or your dog) have an aching of a dog biscuit, be sure to head to the jewelry store, among others, but that's one of our stops (mainly because my husband has a watch fetish) and the treats for Bark Bark just turned into a bonus.

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