Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wine: Dynamic

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a Christmas Miracle! This wine is part of the Trader Joe's 4 bottle purchase, AND...

It's a winner! (sort of...)

[3.46 stars]
My standards have been lowered from the previous two bottles that once tasted were poured directly down the drain, so this one may have just received an extra 0.73 stars because of that, but still, it's a good one.  I was honestly surprised.  Especially because when I looked at the label tonight prior to opening it, I saw that it's primarily a Syrah and I thought, Uh-Oh, typically I'm not a big fan of that grape.  But it was good.  I really feel like I just aced an Organic Chemistry final.  (And, no, I never managed to ace anything in my organic class, but I would imagine it would feel that gratifying.)

Word to the wise: This isn't one of those bottles that you can let linger and drink throughout the week.  I poured myself a glass the next night and my rating went from 3.46 stars to a measly .76 stars.  Yep, should have drank it all the first night...however it was just me and the dog, and she doesn't drink wine. 

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