Tuesday, October 18, 2011

obsession: pillows

Our new Crate and Barrel chairs came - they are wonderful. We love them, but something was missing.

About a day after the chairs arrived, a whole new can of worms was opened. 
We. Needed. Pillows

And not just any pillow would do.  No, no, no. I needed to do my due diligence to make sure that we had the very best (and by very best, I mean, a great pillow at a very low price with modern designs but not too trendy and totally worthy of taking a nap on and maybe drooling, just a little). I had requirements people, so yes, doing my due diligence was a must! At first I thought, hey, I could totally turn that lonely curtain panel sitting in the drawer into some sweet pillows. And then I completely tossed that idea out the window.  ( I wanted washable pillows with zippers.  I don't know how do sew anything on my sewing machine other than a straight line - sans zipper - so I wasn't about to figure out how to tackle that project quite yet.  There were too many requirements (see above) to satisfy on this assignment for me to figure out the zipper dilemma.  That'll have to wait for a rainy day.)

If Barkley could talk, she would say, "Hey Lady, these chairs need some pillows! Stat!" and I always know she's pretty serious when she uses medical jargon.

So, after many hours looking online each and every night, I found out that pillows are expensive! holy moly! I looked high and low, but they were either ugly and cheap or super sweet with a price tag to match.  And then I turned to Etsy.com. The mecca of all things great and good in the crafty / vintage world. I love that site.  There were so many pillow choices I literally had dreams of pillows dancing around like sugarplum fairies. 

seriously. I will not joke about pillows. 
Dreams, so many dreams. 

I meant business when I was on this Operation: New Pillows.

And then while visiting my parents in MN, I found it.  Not just one pillow, oh no.  But so many pillows my brain nearly combusted. It really was a great day - not just because I found my pillows, but my brain didn't combust. yippee!

I already had the striped pillows from way back, I believe from the days of yore from Pottery Barn (name that Friends episode).  And then all the pillow inserts were from either old Crate and Barrel pillows, or feather pillow inserts from Pottery Barn (which are surprisingly inexpensive). 

This is Barkley's newest perch.  She can look out over the valley and make sure nary a squirrel comes near.

Barkley isn't guarding out house from evil squirrels in the picture above. Nope. She's watching tv. She's a big fan of that show about the swamp people these days. (But aren't we all?  Who doesn't love a show about alligator hunters that need subtitles because their bayou accents are so strong that even though they are speaking english, the "normal" person wouldn't be able to understand without reading along.)
Side note: my dog can't read.
So, there you have it. Pillow obsession = complete.

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