Monday, January 23, 2012

baby shower

On Christmas Eve-Eve (yep, the night before Christmas Eve), my mother-in-law and I threw a small family shower for my sister-in-law, Megan.  Because, I think babies need a lot of hand made things just so that they can sense how loved they are, I made a lot of things for this little one. 

[appliqued onesies - I couldn't just have a plain onesie, this baby girl is going to be as fashionable as her mama! ]  This project was super easy. I also added coordinating leg warmers (why I didn't take a picture of those is beyond me, I'm pretty much in love with baby leg warmers.)

[burp cloths became the napkins for the event. Napkin rings are the chain link thingys.  People were afraid to use them as their real napkin but seriously, they washed up so easily (and we had pizza for dinner) that there really was no cause for concern that anyone was going to ruin them before the baby had a chance to spit up on them.]  I bought all the fabric on Etsy (see below) and made 24 burp clothes.
Etsy shops where I purchased this fabric:

[on the left: "Wishes for Baby" - since this was a family shower, I handed out this sheet of paper for all the aunts, cousins, grandmothers, great-grandmothers to fill out and give to Megan as a keepsake.  I made the shower invites and the "wishes" cards out of this magenta and white polka dot paper - just made it on Word (I can make circles with the best of them!) and printed them out at Kinko's so that they were on nice card stock.]  Here's a link for a similar version both are free printable pdf's: here or here.
[on the right: we played the memory tray game where I had 25 baby items on a cookie sheet and walked it around the group.  Four people got 21 items our tie breaker was who can guess Megan's weight when she was born. Megan's college roommate / cousin-in-law won. Cheater. :) just kidding.]

[baby girl's college savings plan:  our other game that we played was one where everyone was given a roll of nickels as they walked in. They were all instructed that whoever said the word baby would have to drop a nickel in the piggy bank.  This game turned out to be a fun one for all the little girls that were in attendance. They had fun dropping everybody's money into the piggy bank.  And as a bonus this little unborn baby girl has $40 in savings already!]

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