Friday, February 17, 2012

coffee table books (+ 1 wierd puppy dog)

Santa brought us all coffee table books this past Christmas.  (Yes, I realize that Christmas was nearly 2 months ago, but I just downloaded the pictures onto the computer, so we are talking about it today.)

Anyway Mike, Barkley and I all got a new book to dress up our coffee table.  Mike received the Paris book - it's bilingual, so while we read about the Paris walks in English, we try to learn french at the same time. (It's actually not working out too well.  We'll just rely on our pretty looks and charm to get us by the next time we are in Paris.) I received Design Sponge, which I love, not only for its contents inside the book but the pop of orange is a nice touch too. Barkley got Wine Dogs. Yes, Barkley got a book.  What, you don't read to your dog?

Wine Dogs is a book all about the dogs that live on Wineries in North America - in my next life, I would like to come back as a wine dog. Mike and I both love looking at the Wine Dog books whenever we are in a winery that has one out in their shop.  Turns out that Barkley really likes to look at it too.  She gets super excited when she recognizes Agnes the westie of Turnbull Winery. 

And reading about the fact that we read to our dog makes me realize, It's official. Our dog is weird.  It's OK though, we like to embrace the weird in our house.  Which is why we read books to our dog.  And while we are on the subject of our crazy pup. We were walking Barkley last weekend at Crissy Field in San Francisco and ran into another westie family.  The first thing out of the owner's mouth was "does your dog watch TV too?"  Yes, yes, she does.  Check it out, she's watching Ellen very intently. 

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