Tuesday, March 20, 2012

walking with a pup named Barkley

In my next installment of the widely applauded series that no one seems to like to help me name, nor actually applaud, so really it's just something to keep me entertained while walking the dog and then talk to myself on the blog...but I hope if you are laying awake at night, thinking of my blog (as I'm sure you all do, you know between figuring out how to conquer world hunger and remember that punch line to that funny joke you heard earlier that day) and come up with a fantastic name for this segment of the blog, you call me immediately (check that, don't call immediately, I'm on Pacific Daylight Time) it's probably going to be a bit too early for me to answer my phone, I might be cranky.  Email...email is good.  Now figure out a name for this:
"AnnE's got a camera while bored on a walk with the westie named barkley and I'm not afraid to take pictures and blog about it" series.

Anywho, sometimes Barkley doesn't walk on our walks. This day was one of those days.  She prefers to sit and watch the world go by, especially right near a crosswalk - she's no dummy, she knows where she'll get the most attention.  During this walk, we were walking in downtown Lafayette.  This block right here, is my favorite block in all of town.  Between the delicious breakfasts at La Boulange, to grabbing a cute top at one of the boutiques (Lavande might be my favorite, but their return policy bites the big one) or my go-to gift giving stores Queen Bee and Misto Lino.  Really this block can't be beat.

La Boulange. 
perfect french bistro chairs + lovely croissant = tranformed directly to Paris, even if it's momentarily until you open your eyes and realize you are in the East Bay. 

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