Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wine: Mont Gras Cab Franc 2010

We went to Bevmo! (Yes, you must include the ! at the end...just like my name as a . at the end.  It's all very important in the grand scheme of things.)  during their 5 cent wine sale. We asked one of the employees where their Cab Franc section was.  He pointed us in the direction of 2 wines.  Two. As in One... and then Two.  Only two. I was kind of disappointed by that.  And then I was kind of disappointed by the fact that this wine was pretty much only worthy of scoring a measly 1.12 stars.  I really can't pin point what the exact problem is either.  Which makes me even more upset and annoyed at my taste buds, the Bevmo! selection and this wine.  It was a $17.99 bottle for the first and 5 cents for the second, so in averaging it out, it's still too expensive for a crappy bottle of wine.  I read the reviews on Bevmo! website {here} and it says that this wine is rich in wood and black fruit, and is long and rangy on the palate.  Frankly, I think they are just plain old making up words for this wine. All in all, this wine is not for us, which is always a sad day when you can't bother finishing a glass of wine. 
Have you sensed a theme with our 5 cent wine sale purchases?  Pretty sure we are not going to be going back the next time they have one of those sales. 

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