Wednesday, March 7, 2012

winery: Murietta's Well

Murietta's Well - Our first stop in our wine tasting expedition in the Livermore Valley.   We had very low expectations, which were blown out of the water after the first sip of wine. 

We've been meaning to try out some of the wineries in the Livermore Valley for a long time.  Then we heard that the Livermore Valley is known for its Zinfandel...and the following weekend, we made a point to go try them out.  We were blown away.  One employee at Murietta's well said that Livermore's atmosphere today reminds him of what Napa was like about 20 years ago. 

This valley is friendly, relaxed and makes good wine.  I'm sold.  We love it here.  The East-West orientation of the valley allows for cooling off quickly at night even though the summer days can be quite warm (this valley is in the East Bay, after all, and I'm sure you are all too familiar with my complaints about how stinking hot it gets here in the summer.) 

We ended up taking home a bottle of the Cab Franc and a bottle of the Zin.  We also loved the merlot (always shocks me when I have a good merlot - darn you, Sideways!) and the Spur (their red blend) were also totally worthy of being purchased.  We just like to save our pennies, and we live close and know we can always go back.  And we definitely will.  The people at Murietta's well were fantastic, employees were stopping us on our way out the door asking us which bottles we bought.

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