Monday, March 12, 2012

winery: Steven Kent / La Rochelle

You know you've found a great winery when they feed you cheese and figs along side fantastic wine.  Or at least, to me, I know I've scored when the cheese tray comes out.  I'm easy to please, just give me some fine brie and the middle of a fig newton.  Oh how I love that.

In the reserve room, you can choose if you want to do a La Rochelle or Steven Kent wine tasting.  La Rochelle is all about Pinots, while Steven Kent is about the Cabs.  You know us, we dig the Cabs. So that's what we tried. I don't quite know any more about how the two are connected.  Today, we are talking about Steve. Stevie.  Steve-o.  He makes good wine.

The best part of Steven Kent was that every wine was better than the one before.  Seriously, our socks were blown off! Mike had talked to a guy on a flight from Las Vegas to Oakland recently that was a big fan of Steven Kent, he was totally dead on.  This place was great. 

We will be back and when we go back, I'll remember to write down the wines so that I can talk more intelligently.  This trip was just about hanging out with Mike and enjoying some wine and talking to a Steven Kent employee that was wine tasting on her day off.  It also happened that everyone in the wine tasting room had some tie to Minnesota or Wisconsin. You know it's super cool then! Duh!

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