Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wine: Murietta's Well - Los Tesoros de Joaquin Zinfandel

A jalapeno and a strawberry walk into a cedar closet...

That to me, should be the start of a great joke, but sadly I'm not that funny or witty enough to come up with the punch line, so instead, I'd say that those are the very first three (spice, fruit, wood) flavors that hit me when I tasted Los Tesoros de Joaquin Zinfandel from Murietta's Well.  I loved it. 

This is one of the two bottles of wine we bought while tasting at Murietta's Well recently. This wine is $30.  A bit more expensive than a normal Tuesday night wine, but let's face it...Mike and I are pretty stingy in all other spending aspects of our lives and we have expensive taste in wine, so if we want to open a $30 bottle of wine while making dinner at home (which is what we do 99% of the time) we will, and we won't feel too bad about it.

This wine isn't mass produced.  In fact on the back of the label it tells you that only 400 cases were produced.  Sweet.  I love that.  Totally makes it a hot commodity in my book.  The word "Commodities" is big lingo in our house (we watch more CNBC while the stock market is open than you would believe), so just another reason to like this wine.

This wine isn't super bold on the start, which to me says, it would be great paired with food since it wouldn't over power your meal.  It does however leave some peppery heat in your throat during the finish (hence the jalapeno walking into your cedar closet).

If you do go to Murietta's Well, invite me along. I'm fun.  And I do like their wine. 

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