Wednesday, May 30, 2012

winery: las positas

Just down the street (OK, 1.4 miles away) from Thomas Coyne is the Las Positas winery - clearly, I paced out the mileage...oh wait, nope.  I just managed to take a picture of a wine marker sign and there you have it, 1.4 miles away. Las Positas is a pretty winery, with a great patio and a few small banquet rooms off the front of the building.  It would be a great place to do an event - Mike does a lot of  events, so we are always on the look out for a new place to hold events, and an added bonus is that they also have good wine.  We had a great time at Las Positas.  Our wine guy was friendly and knowledgeable (and he gave me some dark chocolate to try with one of the wines - that doesn't hurt the perception of the winery either.)  We ended up liking pretty much all of their red wines (not sure why I specified, we never try the white wines, why bother, we aren't big most wineries will give you a few re-pours since you didn't try any of the whites so that you get your money's worth at the tasting.) Anyways, we liked them all, but walked away with two bottles of the 2007 Cabernet @ $29 a piece - our favorite wine of the day.

You know how we like 2007 California Cabs?  Yep. It's true.  No surprise then that when we got to Las Positas winery in Livermore that we couldn't wait to try their 07 cab.  And holy bananas! We loved it.  Seriously, I don't know what happened that year (well, in general, it was a pretty sweet year, we did get married that year after all, however pretty sure our wedded bliss has nothing to do with grape growing...) but man oh man, we can't pass up a bottle of 07 wine.  Our wine guy at Las Positas told us that they would soon be sold out of the 07's so of course that meant, we had to snatch up 2 bottles to take home.  We haven't opened them yet, stay tune for that day.

dne eht
(no, that's not pig latin, just "the end" spelled backwards, I figured since Las Positas was backwards I'd give you a bit more...the end.)

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