Wednesday, May 23, 2012

winery: wente

Wente is like the zoo of all zoos on a nice weekend day.  But there is something about it that makes me love it even more each time I am there.  Maybe it's the golf course, maybe it's sipping Arnold Palmers on the veranda on a hot sunny afternoon overlooking the course, maybe it's the fact that it has a winery. Does not matter. I love it all. 

You know how I said last week that sometimes when you get sub-par service at a winery, you leave feeling a bit disappointed?  Right.  Something about Wente's craziness makes it OK that they only stop by once in a blue moon, because when they did check in with us, they acknowledged their lack of attention to us and had us try a few extra wines that weren't part of our tasting.  Maybe that helps.  Yes, yes I think it does.

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