Friday, June 8, 2012

ten big ones

Wanna know what $10 (and some change) (and then some shipping) will get you from Amazon?!?
My most favorite pair of jeans ever - they are the brand S.O.N.G. (cheaper sibling to the It! brand of jeans that I have always loved). so favorite in fact. I followed my dad's advice - when you like something, buy it in ever color. good idea, dad. unfortunately, amazon only sold the one color, but i went with it anyway.  frugality wins here. 3 pairs of jeans and about $30 later, i have my collection of blue jeans covered for the next year. sweet.

fun facts:
1. I'm a bit addicted to shopping on amazon.  Actually I should clarify, I am a big fan of price comparison shopping and Amazon is always a must visit on my online shopping escapades.
2. I wear jeans every day. (except when it's 177 degrees outside = too hot for jeans. lucky for me, the temp cools down quickly here in the east bay, so most days, you still might need to toss on a pair of jeans at night.
3. I have no butt - so a bit of stretch in the jean is always appreciated.
4. My left knee always always always gives out on my blue jeans. and my corduroys. (but we aren't talking cords today. I'm just telling you that it happens to them, too.)
5. These have more stretch than Stretch Armstrong's left arm. (not tested, just assumed) - see related point #3 as to why this is important.
6. I think i had too much coffee and sugar today...can ya tell?

toodles! i better go run around the block a few times.

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