Friday, August 3, 2012

sewing machine

I had a dream last night that I took a sewing class on how to turn sweatpants into sweat the class I was taught to cut straight line at the length you want the shorts, and there you have it

... Class complete. 
What a dumb class. I was happy wake up after that dream and realize it was just.a.dream....I'd hate to have paid for that nonsense.

After thinking about the dream I realized that my subconscious was telling me to start making something already with my pretty new sewing machine. And so I did.

I'll have you know that my first attempted project on my own was to make some capri pajama bottoms.  I thought I was so smart just to use yoga capri pants that I already owned as a guide for the pattern.  I ironed the fabric, cut it out, was even so ambitious that I decided in a coordinating fabric to cut some cuffs for a bit of added flair.  And then I started to pin it together...

Only to realize I had forgotten something.  It appears I should not be so bold as to make my own pattern because my pajama pants were crotchless.  whoops.  I might have to seek out and enroll in a sewing class just like the one in my dreams as I am not nearly as skilled as I thought!

Now that the crotchless pj pants debacle is behind me, I have started to use the sewing machine so much more...however I'm making things that I know how to make - and most importantly - no pattern needed.  

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