Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wine: plungerhead zin

Call me immature, but this wine just makes me giggle.  Who doesn't want to drink a wine with a label of wine barrel - legged guy with a plunger on his head?  Not me.  This wine is one of our staples in the wine frig.  I love it.  Great name. Great label.  And the added bonus the wine is actually good! Total score!  This easy drinking, $12 (about) bottle is perfect summer zinfandel for the Cabernet-aficionado.  It's big and bold but has fruity components to it too.  And the ever important test for me - Does it smell like a winery?  Why, yes. it does.  (That's a big one for me.) 

Plungerhead is part of The Other Guys Inc., which also does Hey Mambo (this wine makes me break out into "Mambo Italiano" in the wine aisle at the grocery store). It's true.  And I like to especially sound just like Rosemary Clooney while I sing. (Like there is any other way to sing this song.) 

I blogged about this one nearly 2 years ago, but decided to blog about it again for two reasons:
1. I didn't realize it until just now. 
2. This is a different vintage and it's interesting to see the comparison.

And my oh my have our tastes change  - and our pocket book -  it appears we've become wine snobs over the past few years as $12 seems much more reasonable to us today. In fact a $12 bottle of wine is on the lower end of our wine stock.  I gave it 2.3 stars in December 2010 for the 08 vintage. The 2010 vintage I'm happy to give it 3.84 stars.  (In true Olympic fashion, deductions are taken off for a hop on the landing) ...actually I have no idea why this one wouldn't score higher other than that fact I think you need to be really good to score 4 stars in my book.

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