Monday, October 15, 2012

a quest

I seem to have a constant hankering for making muffins.  Part of the muffin allure is that they cook quickly. I like to be productive, do a little baking, but I hate to have to lock up an hour of waiting for bread to bake.  Which should be followed up by the fact that I work from home, so locking up an hour really isn't a big deal, so it's more about being impatient than too busy.  

The second part of the muffin allure is that I'm also always trying to figure out some type of quick breakfast option for Mike so that he can grab something to eat on the road that's filling and healthy (also important because he's allergic to milk and you do not want to be around that boy after he's "enjoyed" multiple days of eating cereal - you think his left lung might be coughed up after all the hacking he does from the amount of phlegm stuck in his throat. Not pretty, my friends, not pretty at all.)  So back to my quest to find an alternative to a bowl of cereal for my dear husband....

Let me preface this by saying, I also seem to have a never ending supply of brown, not only has this become a quest for muffins but also to eliminate a freezer full of bananas.  A monkey would be so happy in my freezer.  

Cold, but happy.

On pinterest, I found Banana, Peanut Butter & Honey muffins.  They sounded great - peanut butter (good), bananas (good), honey (good).  I am not sure what happened to my version of these but they did not turn out.  I could have cooked these for three days and I'm not sure that they wouldn't be mushy in the middle.  I seriously followed all the step by step instructions and mine were a total flop. Straight - into - the - garbage - a - total - treat - for - the - dumpster - diving - raccoon,  these were.  

My dog is so embarrassed at my poor baking abilities, that she can't even look at the camera. 

Back to the drawing board, (I told you I had a lot of bananas to use up) I found a recipe for banana bran muffins.  This one seemed like it would be a double score.  

Bran = Healthy
Bananas = more freezer space

Hmmm, this one too, went into the garbage.  (Can I make mention that I am not a fan of throwing away food.  But in a 2 person household, when neither of the people can stomach the baked goods, these aren't going anywhere but into the garbage.)  But these didn't get tossed for the same reason as the previous mushy muffin, this recipe might be able to be resurrected with a little doctoring up.  The problem was that it had no taste.   I think doubling the bananas might be the ticket.  Although that might create other issues that would need to be fixed to make the consistency correct.  I will put my strong muffin work ethic to the test and try this one again and will let you know how it goes
...but maybe after I finally find the winning combination.  There are only so many muffin fails I can share with the world before you doubt my baking muffin ability.  

And I would hate for there to be any doubters.  

Never fear doubters, I have found muffin success in the zucchini chocolate chip muffin!  You see, along with a boat load of bananas, I also had a plethora of zucchini to use up, back to pinterest I went to find a zucchini muffin recipe.  Luckily, LUCKILY, these were a hit! Yahoo! I don't totally fail when it comes to muffin making.  

And that my friend ends my muffin madness for today.  I know that I cannot keep from making muffins, and likely cannot keep from poorly making muffins, so until another day of documenting my flops, my friends, until another day.  

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