Wednesday, October 24, 2012

buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

**Mike and I are big fans of baseball.  Clearly, you can tell our excitement of being in the presence of the 2010 Giants World Series trophy (that we did not touch, but really really wanted to - there were people just outside of the camera's view that were ensuring that we did not even come close.)   In 2010 when the Giants were in the World Series, I sat about 3 inches away from the television as they won the National League Championship game to get into the World Series.  I was pretty excited, like I could not sit still or contain my excitement as my in laws sat by themselves waiting to eat dinner...I have priorities championship watching, and then you feed your guests.  Some people might think that's backwards.  I do not.  You also haven't met my in laws.  I kid.

** I wrote the above portion of this post just after the Giants had clinched a playoff spot.   Little did I know then, that the Giants would be in the World Series!

Again on Monday night, I tried to remain busy throughout the entire game so as to not sit 3 inches away from the tv - our tv has gotten bigger since 2010 - I can sit a few more inches away now :).  The good news is that we didn't have any company over, the dog was fed as were Mike and I, and we won.

WE WON! In the middle of a monsoon, we won.  I sure hope that the World Series is as great of a series as the National League Championship, whatever happens, I'm jumping-off-the-walls-excited that we made it!

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