Monday, October 29, 2012

field trip: hd buttercup

We are in the quest for a dining table.  (We've been on this quest for over 4 years now.) I am pretty sure this quest will never be realized and as long as we live in our apartment we will enjoy the perks of a fold up card table as our dining room table.  It actually does have its perks, and I should remind myself of these every time I curse the fact that we have been using a card table for 4 years.  I know I've mentioned it here before but occasionally if there is something good on tv or if it's a blustery rainy night and we need to be closer to the fireplace, we'll pick up shop in the dining room and set the card table up in front of the tv or fireplace.  This isn't something we'd ever be able to do with an actual table.  I should be happy.  However, my quest for a stay-in-one-place-non-ghetto-looking table continues... 

...and that quest brought us to one of the coolest furniture stores in San Francisco - HD Buttercup. This place is a wonderland emporium of tables, chairs and all fun things to decorate your house (hello! an entire wall of old trophies! woo-hoo!)  I would have stayed there all day measuring things with the free tape measure that they gave us when we asked.  (I'm easily pleased, just give me a measurement device and I'm set for the day!) 

Pardon the blurry pictures...this was the start of my droid dying.  Now that I have an iPhone however, watch out world, this girl is taking some pictures!

While we didn't bring home a table from HD Buttercup, I think eventually whenever that day comes that we have more than 3 rooms to furnish, we will be back.

(I think we might just be doomed to keep the card table at least for one more year.)
Oh well! Table for 3 by the fire please!
(Yes, 3.  Barkley sits by us at the table.  And you thought you had a spoiled dog!)

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