Thursday, October 4, 2012

wine: guenoc

Ladies and gentlemen...  Get ready for it...

Really really ready...
This is big...

Hell must have frozen over because today's wine pick is a Sauvignon Blanc called Guenoc.

I drank white wine and LIKED it!! I know, huge, right? 
For you normal people, probably not.  Go ahead and go back to reading the paper. 
But, for me? yes, this is huge. We typically don't drink white wine, like ever. We never buy it, so the only time we have it in the house is when people come over or when I win it.  I won 2 bottles of wine once from a winery picture - I have yet to drink the white wine we received. 

Since summer seems to have outlasted its welcome in our neck of the woods - just kidding weather gods, I do love the fall like nights you are giving us, I would just like to put in a request for high 70s rather than the triple digits.  But I will deal, you know why? 

Because I've got a chilled white wine bottle up my sleeve.

Literally the entire bottle. It's the only way I've found to keep cool these days.  Have I mentioned it's hot?  If it's still hot where you live or if you wish it were, you should really go buy a bottle of this. And then invite me over. 

I am pretty fun. 

I only add this picture because I'm a sucker for a map.  Any map. Even a map on the back of a wine bottle.  

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