Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wine time!

Blurry picture = on our way out the door and bringing this bottle with us to a friend's house and I realized we hadn't given it its own photo shoot yet (mistake #1)

I haven't blogged about wine in such a long time that I figured it's time to get the pictures off the camera and talk about them.  You know what happens when you leave pictures on your camera and you don't take notes on the wine?  You forget the specifics (mistake#2). DOH! Well, shoot, taking wine notes was supposed to be my 2012 resolution.

So here's the low down on this bottle of wine:  Castello only sells wine at its winery or through its website.  You can't buy this bottle anymore. We liked it.  We are sad we didn't buy more of the 07 Castello Cab.  Lesson learned - next time we are at Castello di Amorosa, we'll have 2 of everything, and we'll take tasting notes immediately!

Let me break this down to you in math terms:

   blurry picture
+ no wine notes
= good wine, fun times, no mistakes

The good news is that we've found that you really can't go wrong with any Castello bottle, which - if you are following my math - clears away all your previous mistakes.  Yippee!

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