Friday, December 28, 2012


The nights have been much colder than any other winter we've lived in California (my lovely friends living in the Midwest can make fun of my any time, I know, "wimp" should be tattooed to my forehead) but it's a damp cold, and even though it's still 40 degrees, it's a "bundle up under a blanket, with a sleeping puppy on your lap and drink some hot tea" kind of cold (it doesn't help that we are pretty sure our walls are lacking insulation and our windows are about as useful as tissue paper in blocking the wind).

My tea obsession these days is Ginger Peach - decaf - it takes me forever and a day to fall asleep as it is, I don't need a caffeinated beverage to aid in those inabilities come bed time. I love this flavor, it also brings me back to my college days as my roommate used to enjoy this flavor a lot. Side note: I also bought the vanilla almond tea flavor of this same brand. One sip and I felt as it I had just drank a bottle of sunscreen. While I love that scent in sunscreen, I couldn't handle it in beverage form, so I'll be sticking to the Ginger Peach.

Hope you are snuggled in, staying warm and enjoying a good drink tonight.

Ps - Thanks Kerri for the mugs that you gave us nearly 4 years ago exactly... They are definitely our favorites :)

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Conor and Kerri said...

yea!! so glad you still like them :) I should get myself some now that I don't live there either...