Friday, December 21, 2012

The longest growing season

In a state that is known for being able to have multiple growing seasons per year for its produce, makes it seriously perplexing why my green pepper plant took 8 months to produce its first pepper. Now that it has actually made one pepper, the flood gates have opened and we have 3 more blooms. Why it has taken this long would be questionable, however I have a theory, well maybe "theory" is the wrong word, "explanation" is probably a better fit.

You see in late August, I pulled out some of our plants from their pots and replaced them with new ones. This year is the first year I've planted any plants on the deck and so when I went to home depot I just went with a color scheme in mind and wanted the "pretty plants"  not paying attention to which plants needed full sun or shade.  I learned that we have more shade than I ever would have thought and for the second round of planting purchased only shade - loving plants. This worked out well, the plants are digging it and everything is still thriving (even with the shocking cold nightly temps we *cough, we are wimps, cough cough* are experiencing).

Mike was hanging out on the deck when I was doing the second planting and just after I uprooted the pepper plant, he yelled, "Wait! There's a pepper starting to form!" So I quickly stuck it back into the soil and figured in about 2 weeks we could have fajitas for dinner with our home grown pepper. Fast forward 4 long months and we are almost there. At the rate this baby is growing I should most definitely hold of on buying any cheese for said fajitas, as I am sure by the time this baby is actually big enough to be picked, that cheese will be moldy. But that day will come and we shall open up one of our finest wines to celebrate that little green pepper that could.

I think I can. I think I can...

Keep chugging little green pepper plant.  Keep chugging. 

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