Sunday, February 24, 2013

Señor Oscar

Oscar night calls for 3 things:
Betting against your husband on our Oscar Ballots.

The winner gets: bragging rights for one year. I beat him handedly last year, here's hoping for the winning streak to continue.

Tonight's wine choice is a good one, I'd highly recommend it. Sequoia Grove never disappoints, it's a bit pricey but we've become serious snobs in the wine department making us buy more expensive bottles and drinking less often. It's all good though because when we do open a bottle, we know it's a good one.

Sequoia Grove 2009 Cab is super smooth, not a ton of tannins going on in this one. Oaky smell, a hint of berry at the beginning, finishing with an awesome pine-i-ness of the sequoias that they stick in the wine barrel. Kidding I made that up. It's just good and I have tainted my mouth with fancy cheese so I can't give you a very good description.

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