Thursday, January 9, 2014

graduation weekend - 12.7.13

Alright people.  I'm back!
I will try to be a more regular blogger in 2014.  However that's not my resolution. My resolution is to read 20 books.  I'm on my 2nd one… so hopefully I'll be able to surpass that goal by mid-year.  That may mean that I'm reading more than blogging.  But I'll try to do both.  The good news is that Mike is done with his MBA, which means he can do fun things on the weekends rather than be holed up in his office reading and writing papers. Which means more things to blog about.  Win - win.  We should both be thankful that the program is over.  To get caught up… here's a serious photo dump from Mike's graduation weekend in Malibu.  


[late lunch with a view]

[inside the chapel at Pepperdine]

[Pepperdine's view… pretty awesome]

[it's no wonder that I had imaginary friends growing up… Mr. Pepperdine and I had a really great conversation]

[if I went to school here… I'd have to be a philosophy major so that I could sit and ponder life while looking at this view]

[Another gorgeous view -- they just don't get old.  Flag at half staff because it was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.]

[The Heroes Garden]

After walking around campus, we went back to our hotel and this is what we witnessed...

[A marriage proposal, complete with the Star Wars theme song being played on the iPhone of the Groom-to-be AND Yoda and Chewy looking on. 
Totally random.]

[view from our room during the day … sans Star Wars characters]

[He did it!] 

[Mike graduated with Honors.  I'm so impressed.  He was able to work 70-80 hours a week, surpass his territory's goal 2 months before year end, AND graduate with honors.  This boy amazes me.]

[Hip hip hooray! I have my husband back!]

[Enjoying the afternoon on the beach (a bit chilly) but still fun.]

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