Saturday, February 21, 2009

Meetcha' at the Beacha

That's what my kindergarten sleeping towel said. It was the Suzy Zoo series. We still have it at home. Amazing, I know. Good work, Mom!

Today was beautiful and warm and tomorrow we are supposed to get 2 inches of rain, so we made the most of it. We went to Ocean Beach, which is right next Golden Gate Park. Since the storm is coming in, we weren't the only ones that flocked to the beach, there were 15 surfers enjoying the 10 foot waves. We enjoyed watching them, along with all the dogs playing fetch in the sand and the birds that do their own thing, yet make us so happy. After the beach, we took a pit stop at a vista in Golden Gate Park, aptly named of course. And then we were off to have some lunch in Sausalito and watch 8 million bikers cruise down the main street. Sausalito felt like Stillwater (for the Minnesotans reading this) meets Italy. Really really cool. Then on the way home we drove home and oddly enough, we saw San Quentin. Not really a stop on the tour de San Francisco, but I guess still go to know where that is for all the Johnny Cash songs one sings. Or something like that...

[someplace in golden gate park]

[dancing on driftwood]

[enjoying the sun & surf and check out my new hair color!]

[because everyone needs a pensive shot by the beach -here's pensive me]

[and here's pensive Mike]

[in sausalito checking out the view at a restaurant, we didn't eat here though]

[in sausalito looking back at the city]

[i'm addicted to photos of boats - i'll spare you with the bulk of boat pictures though]

[the hills of sausalito]

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