Sunday, March 29, 2009

the apartment in all its glory

So I realized that everything has been nailed up on the walls for a while now but haven't taken any final pictures of what our apartment looks like. Today's the day.

[the living room]

[the photo wall in the office]
[our bedroom][the dining room] card table is working like a charm! The rain buckets in the corner have been removed since it sounds as if it won't rain here until October so we are hopeful that we are in the clear for now.

[the office] this is the corner where the golf clubs and the extra comforter live. Because anybody who is anybody has a corner devoted to golf clubs and a comforter...ok maybe not but the closets are bursting at the seams so this is the place that the clubs and comforter will call home.

[the office] this is where Mike lives when he's not in his car.
Thanks for taking a moment to check out the latest tour!

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