Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Staring at hills really pays off

So I learned tonight during my run that I've spent a lot of the time here so far pondering the hills around the apartment. I didn't realized this until I was on a run on a new bike path that I thought ran parallel with the other bike path that I have run on. As it turns out it doesn't run parallel and the only reason I figured that out was because I had never seen this hill before. Now all the hills look the same around here, they are green, all about the same height with no houses on them, so it's pretty ridiculous that I can tell the difference, however it really paid off this time. The route that I ended up running was great (as a side note), I found where all the really REALLY big houses are in our town! I also found my dream home, or rather my dream backyard, nice and big and was surrounded by vines. How great is that?!?! They had their very own backyard vineyard! Just throw in a horse and I would be SUCH a happy camper!

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